How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Live Streaming

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Live Streaming

Like most social media platforms with streaming features, YouTube live doesn’t offer tools for enhancing your live video. Though the YouTube Creator Studio has video editing functions, they are only available for uploading videos on demand. Until a few years ago, YouTube was a video platform How to create a live streaming app focused on videos on demand. Users could upload their videos and share them on their channels. With the growth of live streaming popularity, YouTube created YouTube live, which is their live streaming tool. Do you want to expand your online reach and exposure with live video?

This is based upon one of the most popular concepts of marketing, which is the Fear of Missing Out. Once you start the live stream, you can get people’s attention to it. That’s because people will notice that you are not going to broadcast the same video tomorrow. This will help you to create fear of missing out effectively in your audience.

  • Live streaming your event to a sponsor’s website or other industry portals can provide another significant source of revenue.
  • Global content delivery is smoothly possible through the CDN support with top-tier CDNs .
  • These benefits of live streaming on YouTube live will show you why you should be going live right now on YouTube.
  • Video provides some of the highest engagement on social media.
  • If done right, live streaming can be an effective way to make your company distinctive in the minds of your audience.
  • To pick your desired audience for your live video, click on the three dots you find in the top right corner.

You can also record your live sessions and repurpose them for other content to save resources on creating new content from scratch. For example, marketers can record and transcribe live videos and reuse the text to create blogs, articles and other content. Below we’ve given the useful benefits of leveraging the power of live video for your activities and operations. Fortunately, Facebook and certain other live streaming services save the video for later viewing. This means people coming around late can still make the most of the clip.

Give Your Business The Vip Treatment

Live streaming allows brands to have more meaningful and memorable interactions with customers. It creates a platform for immediate audience interaction, which promotes genuine connections that an audience can have access to from the comfort of their home. Excited consumers will share a brand’s recorded live streams if they find value in the interaction and information.

Your reach to customers and/or prospects isn’t limited to your immediate surroundings. Without even knowing your name, a person can find you by typing your username into the search bar or by using hashtags. That’s because you can create a sense of urgency with the help of it.

Streaming content in the online world isn’t a new concept, as you can find it in many industries, from entertainment to education and so on. Big brands such as GE, Nestle and Doritos are using it to their advantage. With more viewer trust, your business also gains more influence in your field. If you share your expertise live regularly, you can expect viewers to come back and turn to you for advice. Learn how to build that social touch, so you can increase your brand’s visibility and revenue.

Live Streaming Vs Video On Demand Top Benefits, Uses, And Option

Livestreaming can’t and shouldn’t replace the magic of playing on stage in front of people. But not pursuing digital concerts means missing out on huge opportunities to connect with audiences. For artists willing to give them a shot, these online performance formats can absolutely be special experiences for music fans. One major advantage of VOD streaming is that you can produce videos in large batches, upload them, and create an accessible video library with appealing content your customers will love. As a business that wants to leverage VOD to power your marketing activities, you can create VOD services in any niche you operate in. This post is published by Shulamite Grace from Webnexs -creating a successful live streaming platform.

As a result, your audience won’t feel obligated to rush home and watch your video. They can watch your video again if they missed it the first time. One particularly successful campaign, “Coffee with Melissa,” involved social media live streams from Melissa’s kitchen, sponsored by a coffee company.

Consider commenting and interacting with them to get their attention. Who knows, maybe you can strike up a conversation with someone who’d be interested in partnering up and doing business with you. Turn your notifications on so you’d always see when a follower mentions you or sends you a message. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us have moved to working and learning from home.

What are the benefits of live streaming

This is a massive opportunity for brand exposure that has costs that approach zero. If you’re looking for more ideas, here’s some inspiration for different types of live streaming events. If you want something especially low-lift, plan a live video streaming event that requires a less intense workflow — like a live webinar or a simple Q&A about your product’s features.

The Ability To Repurpose Content

Resultantly, community-building creates an additional channel for promotion. With video platforms (like Zoom, Google Hangouts, etc.), a remote presenter can connect to your general session room. To have the bandwidth for proper audio and video, this would require a hardline connection of 10Mb upload and download speeds minimum. Learn more about how to live stream to Facebook & YouTube in our blog article here. Basically, if your live stream content is interesting, you’ll have many different options to get even more value out of it.

Rangers and coastguards use drones to scout vast and inaccessible areas so they can respond in real-time during search and rescue missions. Police officers can use drones to conduct surveillance or search and track fleeing criminals. Sometimes places of worship such as churches, mosques and synagogues can see massive congregations gather for religious services.

Taking advantage of the real-time engagement live video offers not only brings you closer to fans but also attracts the attention of brand partners. If you can become a successful live streamer, then you’ll be a successful influencer. There are many live streaming software and apps to choose from. If you want an easy-to-use streaming solution that lets you multistream, try Restream Studio.

Users Consume Content On Your Time, Not On Their Time

Business conferences, concerts, lectures, and more are being cancelled or rescheduled to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Add a description and title and choose where your live stream will appear. There’s no business like your business, and this one-of-a-kind series will help you show it. Watch Show Business to learn what it takes to create a compelling video series or podcast for your brand. Either the influencer takes over the brand’s channels or vice versa. The brand’s followers get something new and unexpected from the influencer takeover, and the influencer’s followers get access to exclusive content or offers from the brand takeover.

That’s because people who watch videos tend to spend 8 times more time in order to watch live streamed videos. Therefore, you can easily get your message to more people with the assistance of a live stream. It can be tough to both read through your questions and come up with articulate answers on the fly, so collaborate with one of your partners or colleagues during the live stream. One person can read the question and you can both answer as a team.

Live stream also allows businesses the opportunity to interconnect and inter-promote their platforms. If you decided the pros outweigh the cons, there are a few ways to get started. It could be as simple as setting up an iPhone with Facebook Live.

There are times, however, that adherents cannot physically attend the services. For example, the elderly or people who are sick might find it difficult to travel to a house of worship. Enterprises are increasingly using live corporate streaming for their business activities, such as marketing & sales, training & learning, corporate communication, and even video archival. Marketing and advertising 101 dictates that creating a sense of urgency will lead to fast results. When clients know something is not going to last long, they are more likely to listen up. Live video streaming technology can help with patient support, intern education and training, team meetings, interviews, and presentations, among other things.

Influencer marketing is all about connecting with fans so you can share insights on your favorite brands with them. Live streaming is one of the best ways to engage with your audience because it happens in real time. You can start a conversation with your followers, speaking directly to them and answering their questions instantly.

What are the benefits of live streaming

Using a professional streaming platform, like OneStream Live, makes it easier for you to broadcast your videos to multiple social media and the web with just a few simple clicks. Do you want to completely blow your competition out of the water on social media? You’d agree that digital marketing constantly evolves and that keeps brands and marketers on their toes. Later, photos were the deal-breaker on most social media platforms. If you are yet to take advantage of this digital marketing strategy, likely, you aren’t aware of its benefits.

Use this guide to implement effective tactics to your social strategy. Expect the occasional technical glitches that can cause lagging, blurry videos, warped sounds, or slowness for the people that are tuned in. Unfortunately, the risk of losing viewers due to obtrusive issues is a Facebook fail. Humanize your brand and establish a higher engagement with your customers and social followers. Live streaming can be a great way to build customer trust and show off the best parts of your company.

Saving Via Streaming

A business with a regular live stream is no longer just some large corporation; it’s a group of real people you can see, talk with, and relate to. This also helps build a better relationship with the audience and boost brand loyalty. Additionally, live video has a much higher viewer retention rate than video on-demand content. On average, people watch live videos as much as 10 times longer than VOD content!

The immediate and unpredictable nature of live video draws more attention and compels viewers to interact with the content, be it a “like,” a comment, or a share. From here, the word about the live show spreads, and as new viewers tune in your business will grow. It’s hard enough for entrepreneurs to schedule a meeting in their day, let alone expedite a live video for everyone to see all at once. For those who want to boost engagement using Facebook Live, there’s the question of catching people at the right time, especially if your reach extends across the globe.

Event Services

If you want to strengthen your digital marketing or video production skills and get a job you’ll love, check out our Broadcasting & Communication programs. In the past, many organizations shunned the use of live streaming platforms due to their low video quality. However, in recent years, mobile telecommunication companies have improved and in many cases perfected live streaming technology. This has enabled content creators to capture high quality videos. Social media platforms like Twitter have also increased security, speed and their capabilities to ensure that mobile video live streaming sessions are of the highest standards.

The convenience of viewing educational and entertainment content virtually from anywhere according to the convenience of users is the beauty of streaming video on demand. Live streaming hasn’t been around for too long, but it has quickly gained attention and traction. Thanks to the innumerable benefits of live streaming events, church services, gaming sessions, meetings, and conferences, there is a whole new world out there altogether. Be it high-profile influencers or business tycoons, live streaming is flipping the entire content production landscape and consumption patterns of the consumers.

Because live videos happen on your schedule, not your customers, it automatically curates your customer base. Only those customers who are most invested in you and your services will make the time to attend your live stream. Once you have your curated audience in place, you can speak confidently, knowing you’ve already won the hardest part of the battle by getting their attention. Live streaming is communicating with your audience in real time, for example, going live and broadcasting to your social media platforms simultaneously. Video technology is an exponentially expanding industry, which means that it’s here to stay. By 2021, experts project that the live video streaming industry will be worth $70.5 billion.

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