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In this way, the guy played this new part of a father contour for Korra


In the event its dating once the student and professor began defectively, Korra its thinks that Tenzin try an extraordinary airbender and an excellent higher professor. Their instruction have assisted Korra courtesy the lady battles and also coached their beneficial coaching, instance how exactly to dodge attacks about expert-flexing band. [30] Tenzin reassured their one to she you are going to simply tell him something, that Korra acknowledge the woman anxieties regarding Amon, crying inside the hands while he comforted the woman shortly after the girl scary find to your Equalists' leader. [17] Immediately following reading you to definitely she had shed the girl twisting, Tenzin try brief so you're able to comfort and you will service her by way of reassuring statements eg: "You saved Republic Urban area", to which Korra put the woman hands into his. [6]